Issued by the
Thelemic Order
of the Golden Dawn

For daily use of the Neophyte.

Adoration be unto Thee, Lord of my Life: for Thou hast permitted me to enter thus far into the Sanctuary of thine Ineffable Mystery; and Thou hast vouchsafed to manifest unto me some little fragment of the Glory of thy Supreme Being.

Hear me, thou Supreme and Terrible One, and grant that my Will be done: that I be initiated and instructed in thy Wisdom and Power: that I be granted the strength and courage to uphold and exercise thy Way of Liberty, as a God who is free to do my True Will among the legions of the living; and grant unto me the comprehension of all that will bring me nearer unto Thee!

Teach me, Lord Horus, more of thy Mystery and thy Mastery; let each day and night bring me nearer unto Thee! Let me aid Thee in thy Great Work on earth, so that I may one day become truly united with Thee in Light, Life, Love and Liberty.

Come Thou forth unto me, O thou Mighty and Vast One, that art the Lord of the Aeon, thou Supreme and Terrible God who makest the gods and death to tremble before Thee, and whose Law is DO WHAT THOU WILT. O Thou Heart of my Soul: O Thou Self-Shining Flame: O Thou Glory of the Light of the Sun: Thee, Thee, I invoke!

Come Thou forth unto me, my Lord; to me, who am thy reflection in the mighty sea of matter. O hear me, thou Lord of the Gods: hear me in the habitations of Eternity; and come Thou forth unto me to purify and consecrate to thy Great Work my mind and will. Without Thee I am nothing. In Thee I am All-Self Existing in thy Selfhood to Eternity!

Come Thou forth unto me, O Thou Most Hidden Light! O Thou Heart of my Soul, Thee, Thee, I invoke! Come Thou forth unto me, O Thou who art my very Selfhood, mine Essence, my Light; and do Thou guard me and guide me through the manifold paths of Life, that I may at length become one with thy Supreme and Terrible Essence! O Lord of the Universe, grant Thou that upon me may shine forth the Light of my True Soul; and let me be guided by the help of my Holy Guardian Angel unto the attainment of thine Infinite Light.

And from hereon, teach me this one thing: how I may learn from Thee the Mysteries of thy Sacred Magick of Thelema: that I may obtain the Knowledge and Power of my True Will, and thus attain to the Knowledge and Conversation of my Holy Guardian Angel; and how best I may use that Knowledge and Power to assist other men and women to accomplish the Great Work on earth.

And finally, I implore Thee, to let there be a link of unity between us; that I may ever seek, and seeking, obtain Freedom and Knowledge in Thee who art my very Selfhood, that I may duly partake of thy Supreme Spirit of Power to attain the Philosopher's Stone, the Summum Bonum, True Wisdom, and Perfect Happiness.

O Lord, may my Will which is Thine be done!


Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn