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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The five Tattwas are Eastern symbols for the five primary elemental qualities in Nature. In the West, they naturally correspond with the five so-called Aristotelian Elements of Magickal Philosophy. They also correspond with the Elemental Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Thus:

Prithivi  Earth Malkuth
Vayu  Air Yesod
Apas  Water Hod
Tejas  Fire Netzach
Akasha  Ether Tiphareth

The Tattwa symbols are an Indigo Ovoid (Akasha/Spirit), a Blue Circle (Vayu/Air), a Red Triangle (Tejas/Fire), a Silver Crescent (Apas/Water), and a Yellow Square (Prithivi/Earth). The Neophyte aspiring to the Grade of the Zelator should construct these Tattwa symbols, making them about two or three inches in height. They should be used by the Neophyte for purposes of Clairvoyance, that is, to investigate the Elements of Nature on the Astral Plane. Such is their purpose in the Ritual of the Tattwas.

The Tattwas symbolize the elemental currents or sub-planes of the Astral Light which influence the multifarious operations of Nature. Each Tattwa prevails over the others during certain times of the day. Akasha prevails for the space of two hours, commencing at Sunrise. It then merges into the element of Vayu which then merges into the element of Tejas, and this into Apas, and this finally into Prithivi. The cycle is then repeated. The influence of each Tattwa is said to dominate over the others for the space of two hours, till it merges into the next Tattwa. It will benefit the Neophyte to investigate each Tattwa during its appointed time.

Moreover, the five Tattwas are subdivided into twenty-five sub-elements. For each Tattwa contains within itself the constituents of all the others; it is fivefold in nature, being composed of four sub-elements including itself. Each one of the twenty-five sub-elements prevails for 24 minutes during the two hour period in which a particular Tattwa prevails over the others during the day.

Let us now analyze the Ritual of the Tattwas, step by step.

1. First, you are to perform a proper banishing in your place of working. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram will suffice.

2. You then invoke the Element you intend to investigate by way of the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram, tracing the appropriate elemental Pentagram in each quarter.

In "Liber O Vel Manus et Sagittae," Aleister Crowley stated the following: "Success in banishing is known by a feeling of cleanliness in the atmosphere; success in invoking by a feeling of holiness. It is unfortunate that these terms are so vague."

3. Now you are to face the direction that pertains to the Element of the operation. Thus:

Prithivi/Earth North
Vayu/Air East
Apas/Water West
Tejas/Fire South

Akasha/Ether does not pertain to a specific direction, but rather to the center of it all, in the midst of the four elements. You may, however, face East for Akasha, based on its magical connection with the element of Air.

As for seating yourself in a comfortable posture, you may compose yourself in the simple God Asana, or Lotus Asana, or in any other posture which will neither distract nor divert your concentration from the task at hand.

4. The Tattwa symbol should be placed in the proper elemental quarter or direction before the commencement of the Rite, against or within a short distance of a white surface. For example, it can be placed against or near a white wall.

5. The vibration of the name of the Tattwa helps to fix your concentration on the Tattwa symbol as you gaze upon it.

6. Once you are completely concentrated on the Tattwa symbol, attaining Dharana upon it, you then transfer the symbol to a white surface. You will immediately see the symbol in its complementary color. This comes about naturally, and does not require any effort on the part of the Neophyte.

7. You now close your eyes and imagine that the Tattwa symbol is in front of you, and you enlarge the image of the Tattwa to the size of a door.

8. You now pass through the door in your imagination, giving the Sign of the Enterer, to enter the plane of the Element.

9. You now vibrate the God Name, Archangelic Name, and the Angelic Name of the Element to attract the appropriate elemental guide who is to be tested by the Sign of the Element. Below is a list of the Divine Names to vibrate:

Earth  Adonai Ha-Aretz Auriel Phorlakh
Air   Shaddai El Chai Raphael Chassan
Water   Elohim Tzabaoth Gabriel Talihad
Fire  Yhvh Tzabaoth Michael Aral

10. When the vision of the Tattwa is complete, the guide of the Element will lead you back to the door from where you commenced the vision. Give thanks to the guide for his assistance, return as you entered through the door, and withdraw back into your physical body, giving the Sign of Silence.

11. Return to normal consciousness.

12. Lastly, perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Then record and analyze your vision in your Magical Diary.

Love is the law, love under will.

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