Issued by the
Thelemic Order
of the Golden Dawn


Touch the forehead, and say HOOR-PAAR-KRAAT.

Touch the breast, and say HERU-RA-HA.

Touch the genitals, and say RA-HOOR-KHUIT.

Touch the right shoulder, and say TA-NECH.

Touch the left shoulder, and say BES-NA-MAUT.

Place the two palms of the hands together upon the breast, and say ANKH- AF-NA-KHONSU.

Advance to the East, and trace the Pentagram with the proper weapon. Say (i.e., vibrate) THERION.

Turning to the North, the same, but say NUIT.

Turning to the West, the same, but say BABALON.

Turning to the South, the same, but say HADIT.

Return to the East, completing the Circle, extend the arms in the form of a Cross, and say:

Before me AMESHET;

Behind me TUMAUTEF;

On my right hand, KABESHUNT;

On my left hand, AHEPHI;

For about me flames the Star of Five,

And in the Column shines the Star of Six.

Repeat the Thelemic Cross.

Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn